About us

PT. Inti Composite Figlasindo Utama (PT. ICFU) was founded on 23 June 2004 according to the copy of act no : 42 and approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Right – Republic of Indonesia No : C-21399 H01.01.TH 2004 o 24 August 2004.

PT. Inti Composite Figlasindo Utama is a company engaged in the field of industry, fabrication and construction of FRP products supported by many experts who are experienced, professionally capable of producing the best quality we can provide.

During the time with strong commitment to give best solution to every Customer needs at highest quality products and services, today PT. ICFU has become one of the most trusted in FRP products designer and fabricator in FRP industry.

With the focus in the field of business, PT. ICFU put the customer in a position should and make products that fit desires and needs of customers by following the development of more advanced. By continuing to learn and open to the changes made throughout employees of PT. ICFU capable to competitive and ready to face changes in technology and science knowledge.

Innovation is one of the factors that determine success a product. Through creative innovation a product offers the value new customers. For FRP fabrication, innovation plays an important role, especially since the constantly changing demands of the customer.



With the provision of experience of our manpower from working on similar companies before, PT. ICFU very easy and quickly able to produce quality FRP products, very competitive price and committed at the time to delivery, has been able to penetrate the export market to Asia, Middle East, America and Europe.

Going to the future, with the motto of the company and the support hard work without leaving the simplicity and togetherness to grow up, PT. ICFU ready to be a world class company.